How to Make Fantasy Believable

So, we all love Fantasy as a genre because anything is possible within those worlds. Dragons, witches, Wizards, you name it and it can be there. But the key element that makes it great is that you can almost believe these places exist. There are a few things, in my opinion, that help to make Fantasy or Sci-Fi believable to readers.

Firstly, you need limitations to the world. Not every creature within your created realm can do the exact same things, and this creates a more realistic feel. We can't all do one handed lay ups, design websites or even parallel park. There's something unique to each person, or in a Fantasy world 'species' maybe. Then on top of that you need something that only a handful of people can do. Not every wizard in Hogwarts could bring forth a patronus at such a young age like Harry did.

Next you need to set boundaries for the world. Is it an old work like Middle Earth where no one really knows anything outside their own village? Or is it like a traditional globe that people commonly travel across? What kind of world you have for your story will help further the agenda of your characters; it helps to eatables what kind of goals your characters could actually achieve.

Lastly you have to rather quickly determine what kind of Fantasy creatures you'll have. Elves? What kind of elves, and now what kind of legends circle around them? How long have they lived, what kind of society do they have? These are things that make a reader delve in and dream about this place as if it is real. If you have a feathered out backstory, it'll show readers everything they'd need to know.