Elemental Terminology

Fire: The Elemental Series

Chelsea and Chad are twin elementals; humans born with the power to control and shape the elements. They, and many other elementals, are forced to hide their powers as many non-elementals fear them, especially fire-starters like Chelsea. The twins are only just learning true command of their powers, and what they can do.
At university, Chelsea joins a fire-starter training course and trains hard to control the powerful flames that rage within her, often out of her control. She struggles to prove to herself that she can harness and control both her power and her mind.
Meanwhile, Chad is a water-bringer who is honing his rare and deadly ability, but has placed himself under the authority of dangerous people who aim to use his powers for their own sinister agenda. When the two reunite, they are forced to choose sides.
As tidal waves of power demolish entire cities, and bring the storm clouds of destruction to the Houston skyline, a war is coming . . . And it's time to find out where allegiances lie.
Chelsea and Chad's decisions will forever change the world around them, so what will they choose?
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Earth: The Elemental Series
Air: The Elemental Series
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